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Hello. Welcome to my site dedicated to automation. My name is Artem Shevelev. I have 13 years experience in industrial automation and measurement automation. If you are looking for modernization of industrial lines and test systems, measurement automation, scientific experiments, or maybe you have a task rework or rebuild of existing software written in LabVIEW, you went to the address. Here you can order and get in short time high-quality system that allow you to improve the quality of work and reach a new level of your business.


The applications (programs) is base of modern automation systems. Programs run data acquisition boards, analyzes the data, displays the result on the screen in a user friendly form, stores the results in a database, form the control action.

LabVIEW. is main development environment for me. Also can be used database systems (Access, MySQL), OPC-servers for communication with measuring equipment etc. Modern technologies in the software development ensures that you get a reliable and user friendly system in the short time.

I have extensive experience in developing systems with I/O cards and controllers of National Instruments: PXI, PC and the USB-daq, cRIO, cFP, SCXI. Also I have a successful experience of using the equipment of other manufacturers: Owen, Shnider, Moxa, Lego. Experience and a wide range of used hardware let me build system corresponding to your needs. Whether you want to automate the large production line, or only need a simple recorder for several measurement channels, if the problem is important for you, then it is interesting to me.

Now I'm in Ekaterinburg (Russia), but that does not stop to develop applications for customers in any part of the world. The modern means of communication make it easy to share any data. And experience allows me produce a remote final debugging quick and easy. Furthermore, I am quite mobile, and can travel to you if it necessary.

Project delivery time depends on the complexity of the task, and before conclusion of the contract, we discuss a desired period. Simple tasks can be finished for a week, complex projects can take several months.

But clearly we can say that using of modern development tools allow you to get high-quality systems in the shortest time.

Cost depends on the complexity of the system. Send me your requirements to the system for price. If you're still only thinking about the possibility of upgrading existing systems, I will prepare free price variants according to your wishes.

Expensive or cheap would it be? In any case, the system must be developed to simplify and improve the production and measurement processes so that will increase product quality, reduce scrap rates, accelerate and improve the testing process. So that these investments will pay off rather quickly. In addition, it can be said that my services are significantly cheaper than similar services of large companies. At the same time, direct communication allows to reduce development time and improve the final result.

Created systems

Aviation industry

Stands for dynamic tests of helicopter units.

To check the quality of products, the manufacturer conducts selective durability tests of finished products. Test lasts about a month. System must control load tolerances, frequency of loads, the number of load cycles and the duration of the test. In the case of overload the system must be stopped and operator gets a message about the cause of the stop.

Operator see the value of load and operating hours in real-time. All data record to the database, so any time you can check the progress of the test, generate and print a report.

Hardware: PXI / cRIO controllers (measurement, control parameters), PC (HMI, database).

Result: The quality of conducted testing, accuracy, reliability of the test data is no longer in doubt. The buyer has the opportunity to view the report on the tests carried out, the supplier's reputation improved.

The program for visualization available results of tests of various systems

The customer has test stands with partially automation. During the tests, the measured data are written to a binary file. But the customer can't view the contents of these files. During the experiments file format was refined and a program for visualization old data was created.

Result: The engine developers now able to study the experimental data at any time. In addition, the data is displayed in a convenient form of temperature fields instead of faceless tables.

Stand for tests of the combustion chamber.

In the course of modernization of the test benches was developed a new program for control of test stand. The interface factor into the wishes of the developers and test engines. The control buttons on screen resemble controled units, and the measured data is displayed in the form convenient for the experimenter (in the form of graphs and pie charts).

The program uses existing on the bench test equipment.

Metrology and nuclear energy

Automation systems of verification / calibration, make accurate long-term measurements

Remote control device TRM10 (Owen)

The device is installed in the production hall. Technologist needs constant access to information about the device and the ability to change some of the parameters. The interface of the program repeats the appearance of the device. If necessary, the program can include alarm events.

The device verification/calibration unit root extraction and registrars (for NPP)

On the nuclear power plants at specified intervals is conducted verification/calibration of all used instruments. The number of registrars are hundreds. Besides there is the human factor, which increases the probability of error.

A system in "case" to automate and speed up the process of verification/calibration. For each type of instrument developed its own system, but the principle of organization of the same for everyone. The connection cables and hoses, instrumentation and laptop mounted In case. Instructions step by step are given on the screen, and after the confirmation program checks the quality of performance. In case of discrepancy of values ​​of the measured parameters to the expected values further action is blocked, thereby reducing the risk of error or incorrect connection. The program automatically set the necessary signals, measures the response from the device and calculates the error. All data are stored in the database, so that at any time can be traced to the "life" of any instrument (by serial number).

The result: the speed of verification is increased in several times, the human factor is minimized.

The systems use PCMCIA/USB card of National Instruments, connected to the laptop.


The program for the study of the quality of radio signal in depends of the parameters of the receiver and transmitter. The student selects the parameters of the system, and watch the decay rate of the signal on graphs.

Simulation of oscilloscope and generator

The program for the study of working with oscilloscope and generator. Student defines the parameters of the signal, used switching cables and see the result on the screen of the system. The program interface is repeat interface of real devices.

Automated Testing

The program for automatic testing. Questions and answers are given in a text file. Answers are written to the test-report file, which analyzed by the teacher (can be automated inspection). Possible withdrawal of response options in a random order to hinder cheating.

Program for quizzes

Questions and answers are given in a text file. The question may contain textual and / or graphical information. Images for questions are defined in separate files and can easily be changed by the organizer.

Simple sound processor

The program allows you to learn the basics of acoustics. Real-time reading the microphone signal, and after the transformation, the ones sended to the speakers (headphones). And at the same time, the graph shows the input and output signals. The user sets the parameters of the effect, hears and sees the result.

Systems of automation of scientific experiments

The system of physiological experiments

During the experiment, the animal performs a complex series of manipulations with the existing panel in front of him. The system records brain activity and actions of the animal, controlling the course of the experiment. The first version of the system is designed to work with the monkeys, the second is adapted for the rats. The work takes place in three stages.

The first step is learning animal, for this part the experimenter needs full manual control of all elements of the system.

The next step is the experiment itself. All recorded data is written to a file for later analysis.

The third stage is the analysis of the data. In the pre-processing the signal filtered by mask defined by the user.

Hardware: cFP controller and PCI-board (National Instruments).


Monitoring of power supply lines

The program displays the real-time state of the electricity supply center. Including the event log.

Monitoring of the power supply system.

The system allows you to monitor the status of the power supply lines of the whole complex of the Institute: the state line, load, stress and expense accounting. The program provides three levels of detail.

First level: the general plan of the complex with the layout of the TP, which displays the general state of the elements.

By pressing a button the user opens a detailed picture of the selected TP, which displays the current load on each line.

Further, by pressing the line button the operator opens the detailed information on line, displaying not only current readings, but the trend for the selected period.

Monitoring of the kiln.

At the final stage the production are sended to the drying oven. Drying is done automatically at night by Owen device. But the technologist want to know the process details. The program inquire a unit, and displays the data on the graph. This information allowed to adjust the settings of the device and improve product quality.

Motor control system installation

The unit used to determine the octane number of gasoline consists of a motor and sensor installation. During operation of the motor is necessary to control a number of parameters (emergency stop) and calculate the values of the quantities being determined. The control system is controlled by the controller cRIO (National Instruments). Also PID-controlling of fuel, air and mixtures are executed.

Awards and certificates.

  • Certified expert of LabVIEW Portal.
  • The summer camp 2014 robotic changing one of my students took first place in the relay race of robots.
  • The prize for the best use of National Instruments technologies at the first robohake (autumn 2014 Skolkovo).
  • first place in X Olympiad LabVIEW programmers, annually conducted by National Instruments (April 2015).
  • CLADsuccessfully passed the appropriate exam from National Instruments in June 2015, re-affirmed the certification of CLAD.



  • Now I am an active member of the Internet community LabVIEW Portal,and help to beginners understand the basics of LabVIEW, also I'm a moderator of Robotics section.
  • in the 2013-2015 school year led circle "programming robots in LabVIEW» PFML 239, as well as conducted a similar circle in the summer Robo camp in the summer 2014.
  • Lecture on fifth national conference "Joint technological education from the computer to the robot" (march 25 2015, PFML 239)
  • three webinar for the Russian branch of the National Instruments on the use of event-driven programming in LabVIEW and programming LEGO controllers on LabVIEW (records).
  • lecture at the event "Summer LabVIEW», conducted by the Moscow office of NI, with the theme of "the development of data collection systems in LabVIEW" (records)

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