The basis of modern automation systems are applications (programs). Programs manage data acquisition boards, analyze obtained information, display results on the screen, save results into a data base, generate control actions.

We use LabVIEW environment for developing software, whose advantage lies in the creation of fully-functional applications within a short time.

Also, depending on tasks, we use data bases (Access, MySQL, SQLite), OPC serves, which ensure connection with measurement equipment.

In addition to the system itself, the customer is provided with complete documentation and support in the adjustment and operation of the system.


Since 2002 our company’s specialists have been developing programs using I/O boards and controllers by National Instruments: PXI, PCI and USB-DAQ, cRIO, cFP, SCXI, as well as using equipment by other manufacturers: Oven, Shnider, Moxa, Lego.

Depending on the tasks, we select suitable equipment or develop software for the existing equipment. Thanks to the experience of working with different equipment, we can develop programs corresponding to the needs irrespective of the complexity of a task: whether automation for a production line is needed, or a simple logger with 2-3 measurement channels.


Our company is based in Saint Petersburg, but we develop software and hardware for companies from all over the world. In addition to Russia, our systems operate in Australia, Germany, Canada and the USA. Thanks to the fact that all works can be executed remotely, the cooperation geography is not limited. If necessary, the final adjustments are conducted by traveling developers directly at the enterprise.

Time frames

The time frame for the completion of a project depends on the complexity of the task. Simple solutions may be commissioned as early as within a week. Large systems may require up to six months for development. However, it is safe to say that the used development tools allow to create high quality systems within the shortest time possible.


The cost of development depends on the complexity of the task. Describe to us your requirements for your system and we will evaluate the cost of the works. If you are only thinking about the upgrading of the existing system, we will prepare possible options based on your requirements free of charge.

Automation systems simplify and improve production and measurement processes, which reduces the expenses and increases production capacities due to improving the quality of products, decreasing the amount of defects and improving testing quality; therefore, the investments are quickly paid back.