Our company develops systems for monitoring, automation of production lines and scientific experiments. We develop solutions in the field of science (Sechenov Institute of Evolution Physiology and Biochemistry), chemical industry (Rosneft), aviation industry (Krasny Oktyabr Plant) and nuclear energy (Balakovo NPP) and others.With the help of automation systems the speed and accuracy of measurements are increased, the influence of human factor is reduced down to the minimum, the tasks of collection and storage of information are resolved.We use LabVIEW development environment, thanks to which the completion speed of a project is 1.5-2 times less than that when using traditional methods, which reduces the final cost of the solution. First of all we analyze the tasks and develop a detailed requirements specification, select equipment and assess profitability of the project. Then, if necessary, we purchase and install equipment and develop the software itself. At the final stage we adjust the system in real conditions and train the staff how to work with it.After commissioning, our developments are covered by warranty, which includes minor adjustments that were not covered by the requirements specification. This saves up to 50% of the cost of the system in case of additional needs.



The basis of modern automation systems are applications (programs). Programs manage data acquisition boards, analyze obtained information, display

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Since 2002 our company’s specialists have been developing programs using I/O boards and controllers by National Instruments: PXI,

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Our company is based in Saint Petersburg, but we develop software and hardware for companies from all over

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Time frames

The time frame for the completion of a project depends on the complexity of the task. Simple solutions

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The cost of development depends on the complexity of the task. Describe to us your requirements for your

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Awards And Certificates

  • Certified expert of LabVIEW Portal


  • successfully passed CLA exam from National Instruments.


  • first place in X Olympiad LabVIEW programmers, annually conducted by National Instruments (April 2015).
  • successfully passed he appropiate exam from National Instruments in June 2015, re-affirmed the certification of CLAD.