Programs for simplifying document control

Non-conformance report editor (Knorr-Bremse 1520)

Employees used a document template in MS Word for creating a non-conformance report. It was necessary to fill all the field again every time, although some fields are interrelated.  This approach often resulted in mistakes. After several days it was not always possible to find an old report for making modifications.

We developed a program simplifying this process. All the fields that can be filled automatically are filled by the program itself (for example, based on the report originator’s name the fields with his position and telephone are filled). When the number of a spare part is indicated, the program automatically enters its name in the table.

Highlighting of unfilled fields reduces the probability of leaving the report unfilled.

Reports are stored in one base, so it is possible to view/edit any of them at any time.
There is a simple photo editor, and there is no need to switch between different editors.

The program reduced the time for creating one report by 2-3 times.

Program for calculating production statistics (specially for Knorr-Bremse 1520).

All information about manufactured products and results of their testing is entered in the company’s data base. QC Department needs a monthly report on the percentage of defects. Prior to creation of this program calculation data were executed manually: an employee viewed the data base and calculated the quantities of products.

The program makes these calculations within a fraction of a second. In addition, it is possible to check the data not only for the last month, but for any selected period at any time. Moreover, the program allows to calculate various types of statistics: distribution of defects based on the causes of defects, percentage of defects with a reference to an operator, etc.

As a result, the employee saves several hours of work time every month.

Passport generator

Shipped finished products are accompanied with passports. A passport is a template, where only the serial number and the date change. A batch may include several hundreds of products. In case of manual filling of passports, the employee spends over an hour on their printing every week.

The program uses a list of serial numbers and within several seconds generates a finished pdf with all passports. Then, it is enough to print this file. At the same time the program allows for the possibility of generating passports for different types of products, whereas the template can be easily changed if necessary.